Create Jobs and Rebuild Queensland’s Economy



The economic fallout from the COVID-19 public health crisis has resulted in hundreds of thousands of Queenslanders being out of work, putting pressure on local businesses and families.

The truth is, Queensland’s economy was on a downward trajectory long before the emergence of COVID-19.

Queensland’s unemployment rate has consistently been the highest in the nation and small business confidence was at a decade low, months before the pandemic.

A stronger economy would have saved Queensland jobs and Queensland businesses.

Queensland has boundless opportunity, but we need a state government that has the plan and the ambition to unleash that opportunity.

The LNP will Get Queensland Working Again, by building the job-creating infrastructure our state needs to grow and create opportunities.

We’ll fast-track major infrastructure projects and unlike the Labor Government, we’ll keep taxes low to support families and small businesses through this unprecedented crisis.


Bust Traffic Congestion



Moggill Road is carrying an average of 31 000 vehicles per day.

The Labor Government’s failure to plan for the future is making traffic congestion worse and our roads less safe.

In their first term, the Labor Government cut road funding by $3 billion dollars.

A single accident or incident on Moggill Road can cause hours of frustration for motorists. Queensland needs an LNP State Government that will plan for future growth and invest in local road and public transport infrastructure. Deb Frecklington and the LNP will bust traffic congestion on Moggill Road and end the Labor Government’s Go Slow Approach.

The delivery of integrated road and public transport solutions for the western suburbs of Brisbane is the LNP’s highest priority.


Better Health and Education Services



Queensland’s public health system is at breaking point, even before the COVID-19 public health crisis. Emergency wait times are blowing out and ambulance ramping is out of control. Deb Frecklington and the LNP will refocus Queensland’s Health system on patients – not politics.

We will end the Labor Government’s endless health IT failures which put patients at risk.

We won’t spend taxpayer dollars on renaming hospitals.

We have a plan to fix Queensland’s waiting lists – by partnering with private hospitals – to ensure surgery is completed on time – at no cost to patients.


The LNP supports the Independent Public Schools model and we will get Queensland’s education system back to basics.  We will let teachers get on with the job of teaching our kids the skills they need to succeed in life.

Under the LNP’s plan, we will declutter the curriculum and ensure a greater focus on language, literacy and numeracy and we’ll reverse the Labor Government’s decision to remove English as a mandatory subject.


Protecting our Environment and Supporting Renewable Energy



The LNP recognises the need to protect Queensland’s environment and invest in renewable energy sources.

The Labor Government has been all talk and little action when it comes to protecting our environment.

The LNP will mandate investment in renewable energy for all government-owned energy companies and work with the Australian Federal Government to ensure that Queensland supports Australia’s national renewable energy targets.

Addressing climate change is critical for business and industry, and for our future.

I am a strong advocate for our local environmental protection groups and the preservation of our creek catchments.


Secure Queensland’s Water Supply


Green Hill Reservoir Credit: Chapel Hill News


A significant portion of Queensland remains in drought, but the Labor Government is doing nothing.

The Labor Government’s inaction on water security is hurting our agricultural industry and will hinder Queensland’s economic recovery.

The LNP has a plan to deliver water security for Queensland.

The LNP will deliver a plan for the New Bradfield Scheme, which will create thousands of jobs, generate enough power for up to 800 000 homes and irrigate an area larger than Tasmania.