Dr. Christian
Rowan MP

Member for Moggill

Palaszczuk Labor Government: Serious Questions Must Be Answered

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

As the Queensland Parliament returned for its August Sitting, Dr Christian Rowan MP, the State Member for Moggill, called on the Palaszczuk Labor Government to answer the serious questions that Labor has continued to try and avoid over multiple Ministerial integrity and accountability scandals. 

In a pointed address to the Queensland Parliament, Dr Rowan MP echoed the sentiments of many Queenslanders who have witnessed the almost-daily revelations of Labor Government failures on matters of transparency, integrity and accountability. 

“What have we seen in Queensland over the past few weeks? We have seen a Labor Government that is in absolute crisis and that is failing on matters of integrity and accountability, and a Deputy Premier whose public standing is in absolute tatters.

“The scandal surrounding the Deputy Premier’s purchase of a house near the Cross River Rail project shows no sign of ending at all. 

“There is also the matter of the phone call to the head of the CCC which could be seen as an attempt to interfere in due process. Despite explanations to the House in relation to that, there are many people in my local electorate who are asking those serious questions as to whether that was an attempt to interfere with due process,” Dr Rowan said. 

Dr Rowan also drew attention to further integrity scandals besieging the Labor Government, including the awarding of a $267,000 grant to a private company owned by the Premier’s Chief of Staff, the failure to properly declare luxury accommodation in Canada by the Minister for Employment and Small Business, and the potential breach of electoral laws and ministerial code of conduct by an Assistant Minister. 

Dr Rowan told the Parliament the latest scandals have come as Labor continues to try and sell its disastrous State Budget. 

“These are serious matters in relation to accountability and integrity here in Queensland, and this is before we talk about mismanagement. Look at Labor’s latest budget. What an absolute shambles and an absolute debacle. Here in Queensland debt is going to reach $90 billion in the next four years. We have higher taxes, with $3.5 billion of higher taxes, fees and charges added over the last two state budgets.

“This Labor government is failing. We cannot trust Labor. We cannot afford Labor.” Dr Rowan said.

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