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Queensland State Budget 2019: Higher Taxes, More Debt, Less Jobs & Less Infrastructure for the Moggill Electorate

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Dr Christian Rowan MP, the State Member for Moggill, has slammed the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s 2019 Budget, handed down by the Treasurer this week, as a State Budget of Higher Taxes, More Debt, Less Jobs, and Less Infrastructure for the residents of the Moggill Electorate.

Dr Rowan said that for the fifth straight year in a row, the Palaszczuk Labor Government has all but ignored the electorate of Moggill, and delivered a Budget that further burdens Moggill residents with more taxes and record debt. 

“The Budget handed down by the Treasurer this week confirms that Labor is simply not up to the task of managing the Queensland economy, let alone delivering for the hardworking residents of the electorate of Moggill. 

“Labor has projected Queensland’s debt to exceed a staggering $90 billion dollars by 2022-23. 

“For an average family of four in the Moggill electorate, this is now a debt bill for them of $67,000. 

“In just the last two State Budgets, Labor has burdened Queensland with more than $3.45 billion in new taxes and charges. This year’s budget alone will take a further $1.25 billion dollars out of the Queensland economy. Once again, when Labor runs out of money, they come after yours.

"Sadly, yet again the Palaszczuk Government and Labor’s Minister for Transport and Main Roads has ignored local motorists, cyclists, and public transport users, with no commitment to fix our congested roads and public transport system. 

“Further, despite my many and repeated local State road maintenance requests, Labor have in fact cut the Main Roads Routine Maintenance Budget by more than $2 million dollars. This will mean further delays in tackling weed and vegetation management on roundabouts and along Moggill and Mt Crosby Roads. 

“Whilst I am pleased that some additional school funding has been allocated in this Budget, after my repeated calls and advocacy for local school infrastructure, it’s clear that so much more needs to be done. 

“I’m pleased that families at Moggill State School can soon expect additional classrooms.

“Families of Brookfield State School, Chapel Hill State School, Kenmore South State School, Kenmore State High School and Upper Brookfield State School, will soon see funding through various education infrastructure programs for upgrades and refurbishments as well.

“I’m also happy to note that our terrific, local Moggill Koala Hospital has secured additional funding.

“However, once again this budget again underscores that Queenslanders, including my local constituents, simply cannot trust Labor. 

“I’ll continue to fight in the Queensland Parliament to ensure that we get real action on addressing our state road congestion nightmare, that our schools get the infrastructure they so desperately need, and that real action is taken to deliver meaningful reductions in the cost of living,” Dr Rowan said. 

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